Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center

Admission is by donation & we are open every day 10:00am – 8:00pm

3rd Floor, Whalers Village in Kaʻanapali, Maui

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center is an extraordinary multimedia, interactive venue with stunning murals, photos and videos featuring native marine wildlife, a “Kids Zone” learn & play area, and over 30 exhibits on conservation, marine debris, whaling era, and Hawaiian cultural values.

HWDC highlights the work of Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund in protecting native flora and fauna via fieldwork, education, marine debris removal, conservation, research, and advocacy campaigns.

All ages are welcome to come and enjoy the Discovery Center!



HWDC is a donation based nonprofit that depends on your support to continue doing our important conservation work.
Mahalo for visiting!

An absolute TREAT!

I learned so much about Hawaiʻi’s flora and fauna and beautiful culture.

This museum is a dream, everyone should visit!

This is a fantastic immersive experience.

Take an hour to explore the huge space; it’s loaded with educational exhibits and art.

Proceeds support Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund.

I can’t say enough about what an incredible place this is, from the friendly, knowledgeable staff to the wonderful exhibits, it’s all top-notch!

We are so fortunate on Maui to have this place that shares so much aloha and love for Hawaiʻi.

They had an ukulele class and weaving class that we attended. Uncle Ron, the instructor, taught us how to play ukulele and weave fish out of coconut leave strands. He was awesome!

Such a well done informative Center providing a place to allow children and others to interact with the info. Good videos and gift shop.

All for a very good cause!

Loved the immersive room! The kids area is fantastic. The staff was so friendly and nice answering the questions my kiddo came up with.

Thank you for a wonderful visit!

Everyone who visits Maui should come in for a visit to this gem that highlights the native marine wildlife and culture and community of this place.

Great for adults, students and kiddos alike.

My kids absolutely love that place, we learn together about how to be aware of our ocean needing our love. They are always very welcoming and loving! Highly recommend to stop by when you are at Whalers Village!

This place is amazing! Lots of interesting and interactive displays. Loads of information.
Really fantastic staff.

They do a lot with students to inspire them about the ocean. It’s a wonderful place!

The room with the surround video makes you feel like you are swimming with the whales.

The gift shop is as good or better than the many shops in Whaler’s Village. Thank you for your dedication to nature education and preservation.

Best place to check out in Kaʻanapali! We were killing time at Whalers Village waiting for our dinner table and stumbled across the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center.

It was amazing! We will definitely be back!

The exhibits were captivating and engaging; the children especially loved the theater room and making art out of found plastic that had been collected from the beaches. The kids were so engaged we stayed well over our estimated time and we practically had to drag them out!


“We have long needed a place that helps people to better understand how to respect native wildlife, while simultaneously gaining a deeper appreciation for the islands. We depend on partnerships like the one we’re sharing with Whalers Village and the Whale Sanctuary to succeed in our conservation efforts, and I couldn’t be more excited about this wonderful place we’ve created.”

Hannah Bernard, Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund Executive Director

Marine debris artwork by Charles-Antoine Vallières


Uncle Ron on Fridays for ukulele & coconut weaving, Wildlife Wednesdays in the ʻOhana Courtyard, and more >

In this wonderful book HWF Director Hannah Bernard & Fabian Cousteau go on an adventure to save sea turtles on Maui & Molokini!

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