These artists & photographers are featured in and a part of the essential design of the
Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center, including murals, photos, and marine debris art:


With every stroke of the paintbrush, Patrick Ching brings his deep rooted love for the Hawaiian Islands to life. Capturing the colors and sights of the island’s desirable atmosphere comes naturally to the Oahu born artist.

Known as Hawaiʻi’s Premiere Nature Artist, Ching advanced his talents after art college by working “in the field” for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where he spent a good part of his life exploring remote areas of the islands, intimately learning the creatures and places that inspire his work.

Patrick was commissioned to paint the murals for the outside and interior of HWDC. We are honored to have Patrick’s incredible work as part of the Discovery Center!


Kahi Ching is an award-winning artist born in Honolulu, Hawai’i. A true child prodigy, he began drawing and painting at an early age and continued his art career by working with all kinds of media including drawing, painting, wood and metal sculpting, glass, ceramics, bonsai, photography and music.

Kahi continues to create his 2D, 3D and Living Art for collections, commissions and public space art projects.

The Kumulipo mural at HWDC is Kahi’s creation!
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Elizabeth Weber is a documentary photographer who focuses on environmental issues, by looking at the connection between people and the environment, in relation to nature’s degradation and healing. Through landscapes and environmental portraits, her work documents environmental destruction and highlights people who are leading efforts to protect the environment.

Elizabeth is currently documenting the issue of plastic pollution on Hawai’i Island, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Oahu, in her project Washed Ashore: Hawaiian Islands. The project looks at plastic marine debris in relation to the natural environment it is found in and in relation to the ongoing community response to the issue. This is a multi year project that involves returning to the same places over time to show the continuous nature of the problem.


Daniel Sullivan is an award winning photographer based on Maui. He is the author of ‘ The Maui Coast: Legacy of the Kings Highway,’ a fine art photography book on Maui based on Sullivans 200 mile walk around Maui’s coast. Daniel Sullivan’s photography explores the diverse landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands and the human spirit.

Daniel Sullivan’s work has been published and displayed around the world.

He offers private photography tours here on Maui helping students hone their skills in the field to photograph turtles on the beach, massive hidden waterfalls, taro patches and vestiges of ancient Hawaii.

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Capturing images of the wet and wild has been my passion for over 40 years.

I have traveled around the world to photograph some of the most endangered of our world’s animals as well as images of the environment, architecture, landscapes, and sea-scapes. The underwater world is one of my specialties. You can find my photography featured worldwide.

With my spiritual connection to nature and her creatures, I blend into the natural habitat of my subjects, capturing rare and unusual images. All of my photography is shot with natural light, without a strobe or flash for the safety and comfort of my subjects.

Living on Maui allows me to capture some of the most fantastic creatures underwater, on the beaches, and in the forest,
I am blessed that Mother Nature allows me to interact peacefully with her many magnificent creatures.



Don McLeish’s first visit to Maui was in 1969 on a surf trip. Next was a failed attempt to move there in 1972 from his native Southern California. For over 30 years he was involved in boatyard and marine supplies in the Bay Area. Later, he was a self employed LED light designer.

Lifelong interests have been critters, the ocean, surfing, sailing and photography as well as tinkering and inventing. Don is considered by friends to be an inventor, “gismologist” and naturalist. A move to Maui in 2006 with day-time free, allowed Don to make friends with people studying the ocean and reefs and provide images taken in the ocean, when helpful or instructive. Don is listed as a CI on a NOAA permit, 21260, in the pursuit of sea turtle study and a volunteer with MOCMI turtle rescue.


Stephanie Meyer’s fine art derives from the elements in nature. She spent her childhood surrounded by lakes and rivers in Minnesota. The element of water is a source of creative inspiration. Stephanie’s education and professional experience include graphic design, interior design and art education.

After moving to Maui in 2012, Stephanie works with local children’s art programs and is grateful for the opportunity to explore the in the ocean. In celebration of global conservation efforts, the materials she uses to create art are restored canvases, recycled paints, papers and plastics. The intention is to incorporate plastic waste with traditional fine art in a beautiful way, bring awareness to local conservation efforts in Maui and provide education that inspires future generations.

“As an artist, I turn to nature for true intelligence, innovation and inspiration.”



Charles-Antoine Vallières is a multi-disciplinary artist with an OptiMystic perspective. When he’s not turning sea-trash into treasures, he can typically be found behind some sort of board: story-board, fret-board, skateboard, keyboard, or imaginary drawing-board; preparing for the next inspiration.

CAV does not alter any of the plastic pieces he collects from the beach and insists on using them as originally discovered, making each art peace a uniquely unrepeatable clever puzzle.

“Only the boring get bored” ~CAV


We are thrilled to have Tavana’s fabulous video Plastic Island playing at the Discovery Center in our marine debris section! It’s an excellent piece of singing, songwriting, art, and film making. Plastic Island was a collaborative effort with Charles-Antoine Vallières, Paul Izak, and Three Tree Creative.

Tavana is a multi-instrumentalist from Honolulu, who uses electronic drum triggers to lay down a variety of grooves with his feet while simultaneously playing guitar, banjo, lap steel, or ukulele and singing soulful, island-inspired Rock and Blues.



Whether as a dive guide, photographer, author or speaker, Pauline Fiene strives to foster intellectual curiosity and an emotional connection between people and the lives of Hawaii’s coral reef inhabitants. Over her 35-year diving career she has been able to observe animals in their natural habitat over time and learn about their complex and fascinating lives, including reproductive cycles.

She has also witnessed some dramatic events such as a spectacular settlement of millions of post-larval butterflyfish in 2014 and an unprecedented coral bleaching episode in 2015. Though gut-wrenching at the time, it has been heartening in the 7 years since to watch the surviving corals expand and to see coral larvae settle and begin new colonies.

Pauline is a long-time volunteer and advocate for a reduction in land-based pollutants and sediment entering our near-shore waters and is encouraged by the initiatives of so many dedicated Maui residents, visitors and organizations.

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Bryce is an ocean entrepreneur with over two decades of experience leading initiatives for ocean health, fisheries, and coastal cultures through film and private enterprise.

In 2004, he started Living Ocean Productions, with the goal of using powerful imagery to bridge the communication gap between ocean science and the general public. Since then, Bryce has created meaningful programming in over 40 countries and been nominated for an Emmy (Outstanding Cinematography) for the Netflix Original Film, Mission Blue.

He has organized/led/joined scientific and exploration expeditions to Midway Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, Niihau, Palau (x2), Tahiti, Fiji, Rarotonga, Australia (x2), New Zealand, Japan (x3), China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, France, Canary Islands, Galapagos Islands (x2), Cocos Island, Islas de Revillagigedos (x3), Mexico (x5), Haiti, Grenada, St Johns, St Croix, Dominica, Saba, St. Lucia, Bermuda, Bahamas, Channel Islands, and the Florida Keys.



Grew up in PNW have been a lifelong Eco Activist. Have always lived on or near the ocean. In Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii for last 30 years.

As an outsider artist I have found Joy creating painterly “Awareness Art” with plastic/ghostnet/rope from my beach cleanups. I also take my Eco Art to schools and share my message of being good earth stewards as well letting them create with marine debris. Repurposing rather than landfill has led me to ship over a ton of marine debris to mainland artists and have created 100’s of md pieces myself over the last decade.

Environment, Youth, Culture



Cheryl has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology/psychology from Southampton College of Long Island University and a Master’s of Science degree in marine biology from Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center. Her master’s research was a comprehensive study of Kaho‘olawe’s sea turtle population.

As a Maui resident since 1999 she has gained a vast amount of experience in ocean conservation and marine animal rescue and management while working for the State, tourism and non-profit sectors.

Cheryl makes art out of marine debris.

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